Virtual Live Learning & Development

Will this complement existing “L&D methodologies”?
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Sometimes it takes something of huge proportion, to both challenge and change the way that we do things!
With the absence of face to face meetings, Zoom and other similar products have become the new way for family and friends and of course business, to communicate.

Technology provides so may features and it’s probably fair to say that for some, communication is happening even more where the contacts are some distance apart. So, how does Virtual Live Learning & Development feature?

The benefits of face to face are clearly evident. It allows people to interact in every possible way. It can introduce people face to face. It is the most pure of all forms!

We know that there are three learning styles…
Auditory…learning by hearing
Kinaesthetic…learning by doing, touching and interacting

As is always the case, where people HAVE to find a solution, invariably, they do!
With the help of clever technology, people can continue to learn, whether furloughed (part of a Government communication), in the office still and where working across remote locations.

It is perhaps only the kinaesthetic element that becomes more challenging.
Will this new style of L&D remain? Why not! Surely a customer wants a range of options. Similarly, it’s much more convenient to bring a diverse group of people together.

At Solution Focused, we have tried to go one step further and we have built our own studio…The training is literally as close to the real deal as you will get! Fully interactive, including the use of flipcharts!

So…To the question “Virtual Live Learning & Development…Will this complement existing “L&D methodologies”? The proof is in the pudding and the skill of the trainer!

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You can then decide!


“It is not how you learn…It is the ability of the trainer to impart
new learning that inspires the mind and in such a way that you understand the benefit and
allow you to make a difference in the workplace”

Nick Bishop