Visionary Leadership

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First of all, let’s consider the definition of a “Visionary Leader”!

It’s best described as a Leader that can look at the bigger picture of things…not simply focused on the “here and now.” That said, they will have a plan and will find it easy to facilitate discussion with all levels across the business.

They will find it relatively simple to visualize the path they are going to be taking and how to succeed when doing so…the key being that they are able to get total “buy in” and allow others to follow their vision and leadership. People believe in them, and even when obstacles occur, they take the team with them while navigating changes where needed.

The main characteristics of a “visionary leader” are…

  • Total confidence and belief in the future. While they will have a plan, the overriding factor is one of belief in what they are doing and taking people on a journey.
  • They have the ability to identify the best traits in people, and while accepting the 10% that may not be quite right, they work on the 90% of the inherent talent, to develop still further!
  • They celebrate success and are always delighted to succeed…but have an inner belief that further success will follow.
  • Similarly, they always come to work with the belief that each day will be better than the last. This does not mean that they are never satisfied, but the reverse! More an inner belief that their vision is making the business a better place.
  • While they have a vision, they are accepting that change will always be needed at certain points. The key here is to embrace the change, while creating “buy in” from all!
  • Visionary Leaders create “buy in” from across the business, and not from a select few!

A visionary leader doesn’t have a rigid mindset. Their mindset is flexible to change, and they are very accepting when it comes to others’ opinions. It’s what makes them a good leader, their ability to listen to everyone’s ideas and opinions, and incorporate them into the project to make everyone feel like they played a role in the project.

Are you a Visionary Leader?

“Leadership is the capacity to translate vision into reality.”

Warren G. Bennis