Solution Focused Clients

“The little touches that make a big difference….and to the bottom line”
While business leaders may spend many hours trying to improve efficiencies, productivity and the customer journey, very often the answer is already there.

Close to where I live we have an M&S Direct. A petrol station and an upmarket convenience store. I visited today, half a dozen items totalling £15 but the real purpose behind my visit was the fresh crusty brown bread which is prepared in store. They were out of the bread… The next batch would be some 20 minutes.
I said that I was happy to wait.

In the coffee area is a high table which I leaned on while I read my paper. I was perfectly happy. A member of staff approached me and asked if I wanted a complimentary coffee. While I happily accepted, I also added that there was really no need! “Not a problem Sir!”

The fresh coffee was brought to me and very enjoyable. I asked if this kind of gesture needed any approval from line management. The answer was a big NO!

The staff are empowered to make decisions…A long queue, a delay, a wait…Whatever is needed to delight the customer. It’s gestures like this and which are genuine and spontaneous that helps to create customer loyalty and a real long term pay back to the bottom line!

Timpson’s (the service provider), have a similar philosophy. Empowering the customer facing staff with all of the tools to manage any type of customer interaction.
I went to the check out. The lady that had brought me my loaf served me. I see her in the store quite regularly. She works full time she told me…We chatted. I asked if she lived locally.

Twenty five miles away …Bus…Train…Bus!

I sometimes fill up with petrol and first thing in the morning. I sometimes drop in after work to pick something up…And the lady with the fifty mile round trip and by public transport, is always there, unstintingly polite, friendly, and professional and with a smile that lights up the store. Now that’s what I call an employee. I wish you well in your career.

Here is a powerful yet simple rule. Always give people more
than they expect- NELSON BOSWELL