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Managing Pressure and Stress and recognising the benefits!
Pressure and stress…Benefits!? Surely not!

First of all, lets clarify one thing- pressure can mean two things. The first is simply related to workload and deadlines, the second, someone using unreasonable means to get someone to do something.

Pressure can be a positive aspect of life and work for most people. In many ways, we all have standards, targets and deadlines to push us towards good performance. We all need a degree of pressure to raise our adrenaline levels to allow us to push on and achieve the goals that we create for ourselves. It’s when these aspects spin out of control that stress kicks in…And yet, again, stress in the right measure, helps us to perform!

Let’s first of all consider pressure in the workplace -if we accept that pressure can work for us, how do we control this? Workloads need to be realistic but accepting that all organisations will experience elements of “Peaks & Troughs”. The difference being how you work as a team. Great communication and discussing individual workloads, reallocating where needed…Not being afraid to approach your Manager, to update on workload and reprioritise what is urgent, and what less so. What has to happen, and what can be delegated. If teams are truly exactly that…A team, then these conversations are both healthy and also necessary on occasion.

Stress develops where the pressure becomes too intense- Very short term stress converts into adrenaline which we all need to perform. Stress can surprisingly happen when we are not challenged and boredom sets in!

Routine helps to reduce stress. Being organised from the moment that you get up- having a structure. Having the right nutrition and understanding how to create a positive mindset.

On arrival at the work place, to avoid negative people and to focus on your own many strengths. Make sure that your own office environment, including desk etc. are both mentally relaxing (surrounds), and also physically relaxing (desk/chair etc.)

You can only ever complete one task at any one time. Have that one task in front of you and push all others to one side- prioritise and check with your Manager where necessary.

Don’t drink too much caffeine, but drink water also. Even when busy…Take a break at lunch time, get some fresh air and have a brisk walk…Clear your head!

Perfection is often unattainable but do the best you can. Unless you are hosting the Queen for supper, or flying a Space Rocket, 100% perfection is rarely needed.

Finally, recognise that 93% of the things that we worry about, never actually occur!

“Better to do something imperfectly than to do nothing flawlessly.”

-Robert Schuller