Doubt to Do

Part Eighteen… Celebrating Success!
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If you are a regular reader of our Weekly Focus (which has been delivered twice weekly for the last eight weeks, you will now understand that the focus has been very much geared around my personal journey riding an organised charity bike ride of 200 miles over the last weekend!)

What a fabulous experience– one rider even said, “The best weekend of my life”. At the finish, there were tears and laughter, hugs…Camaraderie and friendship created over two days.

Some riders had started on day one with hope and trepidation- excitement and fear.

Looking back, it shows how much more we are capable of than we could possibly imagine. Challenges are all around us…Sadly, we sometimes walk around them- what a shame!

We get one life on this earth. We get some 29,000 days. We can’t bank them…Once spent, we don’t get the days back.

We need to distinguish between creating a goal and having a vision. A vision is something that we can start to picture (an initial concept), nothing more. It’s creating the specific goal, that gives us the drive and motivation to achieve…It’s equally important to break the goals into bite sized chunks (how do you eat an elephant?…In bite sized chunks).

We need benchmarks on the journey for two reasons…to make sure that we are going in the right direction and to celebrate success when we start to achieve the necessary outputs.

Having the right people to support you is vitally important. Like many of the challenges that we all face at some stages in our lives, it is so important to have a group of people that can help in challenging times.

The 200 Mile Cycle made this so apparent. Those few words of encouragement…The quiet word in the ear…The timely arm on the shoulder. What a pleasure then to have fellow riders emotionally telling you how much they had been encouraged by the kindness of fellow riders. Knowing when help may be needed before being asked.

Our team of 100 cyclists was also supported by a backup team. Again, a great example of a team working in unison. No egos, just a group of people with a shared interest.

All starting the weekend as a rider with a degree of trepidation. All finishing as heroes and as part of a larger team. A challenge pulling together and creating a rock-hard bond.

Never overlook, the power of the mind…You can do…Never forget the seemingly unlikely can be achieved. Always remember, that you have people all around you…And always celebrate success. This grows your positive mindset and will make the next challenge seemingly more doable.

“Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress;
working together is success”.
Edward Everett Hale