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Can you ‘Out Trump’ leaders across section?

Donald Trump has no political experience- he has never held an office within Government! These were just some of the words used to describe Trump and his rise to President of the United States of America.

So how transferable are ‘transferable skills’ and in which sectors? No matter what anyone says of Trump, he has made a colossal sum of money (and lost some along the way)- he clearly has a tremendous business brain.

Across sectors in business, CEO’s do not always remain in the same field.
Since his fall from grace at HBOS, Andy Hornby, who earned his stripes with Asda (a business with a strong record of nurturing talent) has been Group CEO with Alliance Boots before joining Coral as CEO.

What counts most are the inherent talents that allow the person to both bring something ‘new’ to the role, but also the proven abilities to manage high profile senior teams. The speed to grasp what is needed, the ability to command respect, the ability to lead teams with strong communication skills.. or that is the theory!

Within sport, Sir Clive Woodward who won the Rugby Union World Cup with England in 2003, worked within Banking before starting his own IT leasing company. In a short number of years he worked his way through the rugby system before becoming the England Manager.

So where do transferable skills cease? And what are the most important of skills? They say in football that a Manager is under intense scrutiny twice each week to achieve results, CEO’s just twice per year.

Can sport transfer to business?

Some sports people have gone on to achieve considerable success through applying a ‘team ethos’ and a dedication to be the very best, with hard work and hours of commitment to succeed and being better than the competition.

Not forgetting sport to politics, for example Sebastian Coe, Olympic Gold medallist turned MP and then  taking on senior roles within Government, he is now the President of the IAAF.

So only time will tell if Trump can continue to be a serial winner and use the all so important transferable skills necessary.

‘Life is a succession of lessons which must
be lived to be understood.’ Ralph Wardo Emerson