Don’t mention Brexit!

When negotiation becomes complex
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What a can of worms was opened when the “Leave” decision was taken. Some may have predicted the tortuous path…Others not. What is for certain is that it has now become an extreme example of negotiation and with massive stakes.

In its simplest form, negotiation is simply a way of settling differences. The opportunity to compromise and reach an agreement. But naturally, all parties will be working towards the best possible outcome!

Negotiation can almost be likened to the emotions displayed by a poker player and the use of emotional intelligence. Quite simply, the ability of individuals to recognize their own emotions and those of others, similarly the ability to then react and choose their own responses based on the behaviours and perceived thoughts of others.
While our negotiations may not come at such a high price, some points to bear in mind

Preparation…Come to the negotiation table prepared…Facts do help and more than emotions!
Outcomes…What are you trying to achieve? And similarly, what do you think the other person’s wants are?
Trade Offs…What might you be able to give away or ask for? What can the other party offer you?
Options…If you end up with no end agreement, what options do you have?
Relationships…Do you have experience of the person that you are negotiating with…and thus what do you anticipate? How with any of the outcomes effect future working relationships?

For us in the workplace, we are fortunate that we have a reasonable framework around most roles and expectations. But mistakes can be and are made…Always remember…

*      We negotiate for a reason…Don’t give up ground purely to be popular
*      Don’t agree to things that are simply a short-term fix
*      Bear in mind how much you are ultimately prepared to cede and stick to it

“During a negotiation, it would be wise not to take anything personally.
If you
leave personalities out of it, you will be able to see
opportunities more objectively.”

Brian Koslow