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Lacking Motivation as seasonal holidays approach
 I don’t want to be here…And I really don’t want to come back!!

We are often driven by routines and then allow these to drive our lives- suddenly, our work schedules become disrupted and our home lives similarly! Our equilibrium can become out of kilter with normality. It is this then that creates the feelings of unsettlement!

Within both work and home environments, the need to finish important jobs heightens. Increased numbers of additional tasks are created which puts us on the “hamster on a wheel” syndrome again!

What is important is to slow down and plan! Similarly to look forward to the break and use it as a time to recharge our batteries. We have a finite number of days and a certain number of tasks to complete. With all things, breaking everything down into small bite sized chunks helps. Tick them all off as you complete them. Even pat yourself on the back!

We worry about so many things…much of which, never even materialises…Wasted emotion.
Prioritise and allocate time slots around each. For some…can they wait and do they have to happen?

If you are working between Christmas and the New Year, your work may fall into two camps. Retail and very busy, or office based and quiet. With the former, embrace the challenge, talk with your colleagues to arrange a fun based competition centred around volumes of customers served or compliments received.
In the office, it can be a great time to catch up and do some of the admin tasks that you never get around to do!

Creating New Year goals for yourself that challenge and excite are important. Small goals initially and that you can tick off as you achieve them…These in turn forming elements of bigger goals that you can develop over the year.

We have some 28,000 days on this earth…Don’t wish them away, cherish each one and plan properly. We can have a better “work life” balance, and by recognising how we create our own thinking, and similarly outcomes, we can ensure that we don’t have a negative chain of thoughts during the holiday season. Enjoy!!

It takes as much energy to wish as it does to plan.
Eleanor Roosevelt (1884-1962)