Weekly Focus

SF Customer Service Excellence

How we use all our features when we communicate!

Communication is far more than the spoken word, we forget that the words that we choose are just a small part of our communication and it is the use of all our features that really tells a story. Consequently, our features then become part of our body language.

Words are also more than the sum of the parts. Paralinguistic means the features that we use in terms of intonation, emphasis, volume and pace…Thus separate to body language -almost the body language of the spoken word!

So back to our features!

Our face expresses much of feelings- it shows much of what we are feeling and thinking. It is a big part of building trust and credibility.

Our eyes recognise an approaching person -a  key part of engaging with anyone, attentive and bright! Not staring but showing attention. Our own eyes can be a mood indicator and can delight the person with whom we are talking. We should be mindful of distractions. Our eyes need to pay attention to just the one person.

Our ears are to listen to what is said…not to hear! Active and not passive listening, engaged on the one person, showing that he or she is the only one that matters.

Our mouth delivers our choice of words. Choose wisely…How do you want to be remembered? Always remember that less can be more.

Communication is simply the act of transferring information from one place to another. Communication is the way that we engage with our customers (internal & external), to develop lasting relationships.

Always remember these seven key points. Listening is active and involves receiving…assimilating…interpreting…checking and finally responding.

Listening also involves your full attention -anything less is purely hearing. Very different, as the saying goes…we have two ears and one mouth. Our face is blessed with features…Use them all.

Our arms allow us to create gestures. Remember this well! What are you actually saying, and are your words congruent with your gestures?

Always remember words are also more than the sum of the parts!
“Body language is more fascinating to me than actual language”.
Michelle Yeoh