Self Motivation

It’s down to each of us!

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Sometimes we hear people say “I am just not motivated”…The inference being that they are looking for answers and not from themselves! To put it very simply, you can’t be motivated unless we have powerful goals that drive us forwards and that we believe in with a passion!
Starting with goals…There are three kinds:

  • Short term goals: Something that is in the short term…A few weeks or a couple of months.
  • Mid-term goals: These usually take a year or two to achieve.
  • Long-term goals: Perhaps a career choice or a longer term ambition and that may take years to work towards.

One key point…Don’t confuse goals with vision…Although the latter does have its part! Recently, I was in the company of a newly qualified Football League Referee. When asked his ambition, it was to referee a World Cup Final. Nothing wrong with that…But the key is to have Short…Medium and Long Term Goals that you can work towards, revise as necessary and then celebrate success along the way!

To keep yourself in the right frame of mind, it’s equally important to keep in close company people with a positive mind-set and attitude. When times are tough, they will help to keep you on track and focused…They will help to motivate in difficult times.

When life can appear a challenge, always remember that nothing lasts forever. Think back about all of your many achievements! In dark times we tend to overlook this…But if the goal that we have set is powerful enough, we realise that we will get through any situation.

Whatever we strive to achieve, the goal that motivates us, will not be always be straightforward. Accept that the journey will have its twists and turns, and recognise that the hurdles that we climb will help to make us stronger…And in similar style, that we will gain valuable learnings from the mistakes that will doubtless occur as we strive to achieve the end goal.

Self-motivation starts from within and is a never ending journey and yet without it, we will never achieve our potential…And what a shame that would be.

“What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny
matters compared to what lies within us.”

Ralph Waldo Emerson