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The importance of Team Development
and linking to results

One of the most fundamental needs of humans is to develop…It makes total sense then, to recognise that as most of us are in teams in one form or another, that the team needs to develop as well.

The world is a fast-changing place…It is already recognised that while we still have a curriculum or framework to use while educating through primary school and secondary school, or even University, some of the skills still taught are becoming redundant. The needs of business are fast changing and similarly skill sets…Academics are in part recognising the likely new skills that will be needed while predicting the needs of the changing business world.

While business will always need to be outstanding at delivering Customer Excellence or developing Leadership Skills, certain points can be overlooked…and the most important! No matter what changes in business, these three points must never change.

  • Creating a positive mindset
  • Developing a team ethos with shared values and vision
  • Linking all staff & team development to business results
How we think about ourselves and the self-belief that we hold to tackle any challenge will always be vital to our personal success- in all that we do.
Part of that self-belief is centred on the mind…The other is centred on our need to have regular stimulus, to grow as people.

No team will be as successful as it should be unless the values and vision of the business are totally aligned, with the entire team buying into this and working as one.

Whenever we put both time and energy into anything, we always want to ensure that there is a return on that investment…It makes perfect sense that when we invest in ourselves and our teams that we similarly track both progress and returns. Some of the criteria for measurement will be qualitative and some quantitative. Put in simple terms, the perception and the reality!

One thing is for sure…Unless you invest in your people, you will stagnate, your teams will become demotivated and the business will not move forwards. Always track the progress, and keep reinvesting…Stay ahead of the competition, otherwise you may lose not only business, but your people as well!

Our business in life is not to get ahead of other people, but to get ahead of ourselves.
Maltbie D. Matlock