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 Random Acts of Kindness
Common or not!?
We live in an increasingly busy world and sadly where there may be some truth in the suggestion that people no longer have time to lend a helping hand to others when asked… ”I would love to, but I am just too busy”, is perhaps now heard more than before.

Once we struggle to find the time to help others, all semblance of our faith in each other reduces and similarly the real essence of team work disappears.
Two random acts of kindness have shown me that this is not necessarily the case.

I recently gave a talk at an event at Olympia, London. It was the day when the weather was at its worst. Snow everywhere and transport badly disrupted. Despite a 5.30am start from Stockport and with a need for a couple of tube journeys following arrival at London Euston, I found myself lost in London and in danger of being late for my engagement.

Despite a couple of requests for help, I was getting nowhere…Literally! And then…I met Francesca! She was stood waiting for a bus. I explained my plight and without a pause, she explained which bus I needed…By chance it came in seconds! She suggested that I sit with her and she would stay on beyond her own stop, to make sure that I got off at the right place and with the necessary directions! A truly random act of kindness!

Outside of my work, I am heavily involved in athletics, in a variety of roles and capacities. In one group, I have always been frustrated by both the stubbornness and attitude of one person. For several reasons, my workload increased, and this was raised at a subsequent meeting. The very next morning, I took a call at 9.00am…On the line was the very same person! He had thought long and hard, made a few calls, and come up with a solution to my challenges. The last person that I would have expected.

Helping other people can be enriching. It develops relationships. Help is all around. It is one of the fundamentals of the human spirit to offer help.

Never be afraid to ask for help, it can come from the most surprising of areas. Always remember that with 7 billion people on this earth, there are plenty of people who will have the answer to your needs!

“There is no exercise better for the heart than reaching down and lifting people up.”
John Holmes