Creating a high performing culture

Some simple steps to take. Listen here

For some the title might sound a little too “Business speak” but ultimately, it’s one of the most important factors in developing and sustaining a “Peak Performance” mindset across the organisation. People wanting to be part of a continuous philosophy of high individual and team performance. So…What needs to happen?

First of all what is the “Company Culture”…The things that define an organisation and that the people buy into because they support the ethos and support the Values & Vision…Only when your people are totally aligned to the Values & Vision of your business, can you be in a  position to truly have a “High Performing” culture.

  • Values & Vision must be communicated to all and in such a way that your people want to be part of the journey
  • A “Can do” mindset and attitude needs introducing, with the right support from The Leadership Team, so that people believe that they can create improved performance
  • Communication needs to be open and honest and where people feel allowed to express their opinions and ideas
  • Your people should feel empowered…Trusted to make decisions and because they have the confidence to, and because they have belief in themselves and the business
  • Feedback both upwards and down is important…Without fear of reprisal
  • The business needs to focus on having a customer centric culture and where everyone recognises their role but also wants to make a real difference

Harvard referenced two management styles in the 1950’s…COP & ACE.

  • Control/Organise/Predict…The organisation controls people’s behaviours, organises their actions, and can then predict the outcomes…Very dictatorial
  • Align/Challenge/Enable…The organisation aligns Values & Vision, the ability to openly challenge the norm, and then enabling everyone to create Peak Performance

If you have any doubts, then always bear in mind the results Harvard then identified. The results over a decade for the organisations that adopted an ACE culture were ten times greater than the rest…So when are you starting?

“It is literally true that you can succeed best and quickest by helping others to succeed.” 
Napoleon Hill