Successful People Learn Everyday!

Solution Focused Thinking

Every day is an opportunity!
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Learning styles are often categorized into three categories.
Visual: Learning by the use of images and pictures…Our eyes.
Auditory: Learning by the use of music, sound and listening…Our ears.
Kinaesthetic: Learning by the use of our hands and sense of touch…Our hands

Let me offer you a fourth one…One that includes each of the above and more! In a sense, the Ex Conservative Prime Minister Sir John Major summed it up, when he coined the expression “The University of Life”.
People can be academically intelligent and yet lack common sense. The expression “Street wise” is often used.

At School and in our formative years, it was expected that we learn something new every day. We learned by means of the three Learning styles above. We never ceased to ask questions…And typically…”Why”!?. The “brain is like a muscle.” Just like other muscles, you have to exercise the brain by learning new things. Research also shows that learning new things, makes us happier! A sponge soaking up information.

Everyday life provides so much opportunity. Learning is all around us and successful people make the most of it. This can take a number of forms, and should happen every day and every hour!
· Understanding and exploring why certain things happen…”Cause & Effect”!
· Asking people questions
· Understanding & use of Emotional Intelligence
The more information and knowledge we have of any situation, we will make better & more informed choices in the future. In part, this can include “Learning from our mistakes”.

Only by listening do we learn. We can learn from other people all of the time. We have two ears!
When we interact with people, be that in business or socially, the success of relationships is very much down to our use of Emotional Intelligence. Quite simply this means…
· How we recognize, understand and manage our own emotions
· How we recognize, understand and influence the emotions of others

Successful people will recognise from experience and by individual, what makes them tick. How best to communicate with people…Successful people never stop learning! Every day and every hour!

“Learning and innovation go hand in hand. The arrogance of success is to think that what you did yesterday will be sufficient for tomorrow”.
William Pollard