SF Customer Service Excellence

When the smile behind the service creates a ripple of happiness.

In the modern world in which we live, time is precious. The pace of life means that we rush from one thing to the next- this also applies to both customers and staff. Customers rushing to get their shopping done, staff rushing to serve the next customer.

Let me compare two recent experiences, one was in a coffee shop in a well-known department store, i approached the assistant. A shot of caffeine was something that i was looking forward to- my expectation was shattered when the assistant, at best, mumbled at me without even looking up! Such a shame! Compare that with a warm welcome and a smile to match- that would have been worth two shots of caffeine to me mentally!

I sometimes drop into a pub on the way home from work- just one drink. The staff are without exception warm, friendly and with a welcoming smile to match. They are always busy- never a problem… always the same big welcome.

We choose our own attitude… and the resulting ripple effect.

When you smile at someone, a lot happens during that interaction without you knowing it. It turns out that not just our smiles, but all of our facial expressions can be contagious- for the right and for the wrong reasons.

We tend to copy smiles or frowns of others because it helps us better understand what other people are feeling, allowing us to respond appropriately- we mirror their behaviours.

Significant research has taken place by academics with regards to the benefits of smiling. Much has been agreed in terms of the link between smiling and our thought process- or in contrast where we frown and the messages that we both give to others and also internally to ourselves.

Smiles build trust and are an important part of rapport, how we develop a conversation- smiles are a significant part of our feelings and emotions, both in turn drive our behaviours and how we perform.

We can create our own ripple effect and on how both we and the recipients of our smiles react and behave. Smiling can’t do everything but can go a long way to helping… To the benefit of you, your customers and life in general.

‘Smile, it’s free therapy’ Douglas Horton