Solution Focused

You are the brand!
No matter what you do, you represent the business!
I recently delivered a workshop at the Crowne Plaza Hotel, Manchester Airport. A four-day delivery for a Global Client. One night, feeling tired, I called for room service for something to eat in my room. I signed for the meal and the waiter passed me a pencil. To my surprise, I was given a “Solution Focused” branded pencil. Perhaps one left by mistake in the room that I had earlier been using! The company name being seen by many!

Consider for a moment the best way for you to truly fly the flag…To reflect the brand and in such a way that is admired and respected by all…Disney delighting each of its visitors…John Lewis, fabulous service all the time?

The most consistent way and that is most talked about is YOU. The brand is you and you are the brand! While merchandise is a great way of creating awareness, the most talked about branding is the behaviour and attitudes of the staff…The employees!

Reflect on having gone out for a meal, having good food but poor service. Months ahead, the food will be forgotten, but not the service. Flipping that around…Having decent (but not outstanding) food, while eating in a restaurant with a real buzz and waiters who were just perfect…attentive, polite, professional. The lasting memory is of an outstanding evening…The people were the brand.

To build a business which is admired and respected by all, needs all the staff to value the brand and feel valued by the Senior Management…across the business, the same professional behaviours. It starts at the top, and the whole brand needs to be reflected by all. When customers receive the same fabulous service from everyone, and across channel…Online/Face to Face/Telephone, you are well on the way to building a memorable brand and for all the right reasons.

Your teams must feel proud to be part of the business. To feel that their contribution makes a difference. Skills can be taught, the behaviours necessary to be a true Brand Ambassador, are within the DNA!

Recruit wisely…Live the brand and demonstrate the behaviours all the time.
YOU should be the biggest and best advert for your brand!

 “Ensure your employees understand what your brand stands for so they can be your first line of word-of-mouth advertising”. Simon Mainwaring