We are born lucky…

Or are we?
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We have all probably heard of the saying “he has the luck of the Irish…or “everything that they touch seems to turn to gold”. The implication of both being that some people are just born lucky, but is that really the case?
If we consider this rationally, then at birth no one is born with luck. Naturally, some will be born into more privileged surroundings and others will be dealt a better hand in terms of physical composition.
We then ask where does luck come in? Let me give you eight habits that if you follow will either make you lucky, or perhaps even more lucky!

  1. Lucky people accept that everything does not come right straight away…It requires perseverance and the ability and belief to bounce back from setbacks. Not only that but learning from each experience
  2. Lucky people live in the present. They live each day. Letting go of the past and directing their efforts on the here and now
  3. Lucky people are inquisitive and open to suggestions and ideas. We never stop learning and we never have all the answers. Asking other people can open new avenues
  4.  Lucky people make things happen. Rather than procrastinate, they make decisions and keep moving forwards
  5. Lucky people never lose sight of the goal. The route that they take may have to change but the vision and end goal burn bright in their minds
  6. Lucky people don’t beat themselves up about little things, and recognise that life is not always a perfect world
  7. Lucky people choose to surround themselves with positive people…people that lift the mood and not those that seem intent on dragging it down
  8. Lucky people understand that we have choices in life and that we choose our own attitude. It takes no more effort to be positive than negative.

Once we accept that we create our own luck, we can start to practice these simple behaviours which will dramatically improve our happiness, outlook on life and our success.
Creating our own luck may just be possible after all!

People don’t succeed because their lucky. They succeed because they set goals and work toward those goals. They plan for success”