Offering the best customer experience (CX)

And that transcends price!
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In many respects offering outstanding service to your customers is a prerequisite of being in business. Yet only 52% of the UK public (at the last time of asking) were happy with the service that in general they received across the board and we are not even talking about The Best Customer Experience!

Let’s get back to basics…Service is simply the act of providing the customer with a commodity that he or she has requested. We then have good service also great service. So where does experience fit in?

Experience is more about the start to finish…The moment a relationship starts to the end of that relationship. That might simply be from the moment of walking into a business and to the point of leaving…The complete experience.

We are currently managing a project with The Uganda Wild Life Authority…A four-day programme to help the business to deliver Customer Excellence…Below are some of the key modules that we believe are so important:

Creating a positive attitude and mindset
Becoming a Brand Ambassador
Building winning relationships
Body Language and how we use all our features
Handling difficult conversations
Turning complaints into loyal customers
Understanding Ei
The dynamics of communication
Creating personal impact
Building a winning CX Team

No one person can in isolation be responsible for delivering CX. It takes each and every person and all wanting to be a Brand Ambassador…Sharing the Values & Vision…With the right culture and ethos. Building relationships and communicating in the right way.
The Customers that take the time to complain, could be your most loyal customers…If you react the right way!
CX is not a choice…It’s your greatest asset.
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“It’s easier to love a brand, when the brand loves you back!”
Seth Godin