Solution Focused Individual Achiever

Why we should never stand still and how perfection
will always be a shifting target


A friend of mine recently used the line, ‘There is no finish line!’ Nike coined it first, on one hand and to some, it may appear a contradiction in terms but for anyone wanting to constantly evolve and improve, it makes absolute sense.

Consider when we set ‘Goals’ for ourselves, they will always be just stepping stones, waiting for the new target that you set yourself.

Goals provide the focus and motivation that gives us the energy to strive for and achieve our ambitions. But once we are there, we will always want something more.

Consider Edison… he provided us with light when he invented the light bulb.. in doing so he gave the quote, ‘When you have exhausted all possibilities, remember this- you haven’t.’ It’s for that reason that he observed that in creating the light bulb that he also had 2,000 learning opportunities!

In seeking perfection, we also need to keep a sense of reality, we need to consider the cost (our time) to benefit ratio. Many things don’t require perfection. A simple task… box ticked and then move on.
Then consider a surgeon about to carry out heard surgery, would you want the surgeon to seek perfection or just have an ‘ok day’?

As individuals we need to grow and evolve, in life we aspire to have better jobs, a new car and a bigger house!

We need to constantly challenge ourselves… To be better, faster, or stronger. In doing so we strive to improve, but always remember that perfection has no finish line. That will never stop us from having lofty ambitions or challenges that we take on.

‘There is no finish line!’

‘Have no fear of perfection- you’ll never reach it’
Salvador Dali