Tips for new Trainers

Making a success of it!

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People become trainers for a number of reasons. They have had a successful career in business and have knowledge to pass on…Or within business often as a new career path.

It is highly likely that in the latter instance that before delivering your first programme, that you will have had some guidance and similarly shadowed someone initially…But what are some key points to make a success of things?

As a rule of thumb, it takes two days to create a one day training course…sometimes more…A three day course, six days etc.
As part of the preparation, evaluate the group that you will have, the mix of skills and experience…Likewise the variety of learning styles: visual, auditory, and kinaesthetic. Plenty of material is available on line to understand more about each.

Start from the end and work backwards when designing a course…What end (learning) outcomes do you want?
Similarly at the start explain what the objectives are…Let the Group know what they will learn!

Work out how long you have for your programme and factor in breaks…Make sure that the audience are alert at all times…Around 90 minutes is long enough before you have a break
Work out timings for your delivery and have structure so that you can work out approximately where you need to be at each point in the day.
Practice makes perfect…Vitally important and it also grows your confidence!

How will you present? Flip chart? Slides? Handouts? Or most likely, a combination of each!
On the day, arrive early, and make sure that the room is set out as you want it. This may have required some input prior to the day
Have everything ready before the delegates arrive. Be ready to give them all a “big welcome”!

Always involve the delegates…Plan your programme so that there is plenty of time for input from the delegates…Make the learning fun!
People learn best when the environment is conducive to learning…relax and smile! Providing you are fully prepared, you will be ready to go!

“Tell me and I forget…Teach me and I remember…Involve me and I learn”
Benjamin Franklin