Reborn… reinvent yourself for the next challenge!

Yes you can!

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Sometimes, we have to reinvent ourselves for a variety of reasons and all subtly different.

In terms of reborn, Tiger Woods epic victory in The US Masters is a great example. Written off by virtually all. A personal life in ruins and a number of back surgeries. A ranking outside of the World’s top 1000!

In a different way, we have Thomas Edison…Two thousand glorious failures before he discovered the light bulb!

We have examples of people that have had significant career moves…To become politicians.  In midlife to become members of the Church. In other areas to give up highly paid jobs to do something entirely different.

What is the catalyst? To become reborn or to reinvent requires something that drives us strongly. People talk about motivation, but to be motivated requires strong goals that provide the motivation to succeed.  So we need a powerful thought or image.  Most things in life are possible, it just requires some belief, and then plenty of effort! A never say die attitude.

What do you really want to do, and what has to happen? Too often in life we think about things that we would love to tackle and then discard them as just a pipe dream.

  • Make sure that the dream is very powerful and then create a mental image that reflects the future success. This allows you to picture the success at times when you need to dig deep…Visioning is a very powerful tool
  • Set powerful GOALS supported by SMART objectives (Specific…Measurable…Achievable…Relevant…Time bound)
  • Have a support friend or network. You are never alone…People will always want to help!
  • Review your progress on a regular basis and celebrate your wins along the journey
  • Have an affirmation…Some describing words about the new you and the new success. Written in the present tense. I am doing XXXX…I am loving being XXXX….I feel fantastic now I am XXXX. The words convey the feelings on being the new you! Repeated twice daily and for 28 days, they become your new beliefs.

We only have one life. What a shame if we never reinvented ourselves and took on new challenges. The only thing that stop us, is our own thinking. Change that and change yourself…YES YOU CAN! 

“Every adversity, every failure, every heartache carries with it the seed of an equal or greater benefit”
Napoleon Hill”