Just ask yourself…

How did you make people feel?

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Recently I attended a funeral,  someone that I had known for some twenty years and because of the circles in which we mixed, we shared each other’s company perhaps twice weekly for all that time. I learned something during one of the tributes to my colleague that made me reflect.

We should all be proud of our achievements. Success is down to hard work and the recognition of reaching personal mile stones is a large part in our own personal development…But I learned something far bigger.

During the tribute to my colleague, I learned about huge achievements and of which I was not aware…There was no need for him to tell others…But what really hit home was one description;

“It was not just what he achieved, but also how he made you feel”.

That made me think and it became a really powerful learning to me. Imagine being with someone and who made you feel special or inspired…What a gift and then actively using the same, and to some effect. Try these five tips straight away!

  1. Treat everyone equally. We are all equal irrespective of status, gender, politics, race, religion, and other factors. You should treat others how they want to be treated, similarly how you would want to be and not based on their background, to inspire trust and confidence.
  2. Acknowledge the contributions of others. No matter what you do and on a daily basis, will not have been achieved in isolation. Recognise the contributions of others and tell them and tell others.
  3. Empower people. By trusting people and then by developing their skills and knowledge, you can gradually empower them to do things that they may first have thought impossible…Then when they achieve things that they may never have believed, let them flourish further.
  4. If you promise…Deliver. My word is my bond. Once you commit to something be good to your word. Not only will you engender a feeling of trust but equally important everyone will achieve more.
  5. Listen and show that you care. Hearing and listening are two different things. Active listening means that you understand what is being said and recognise what needs to happen. Ask questions, and show that you care.

At the end of each day, ask yourself what have you done to make a difference, and how did you make others feel?

“If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader”. JOHN QUINCY ADAMS