Why Health & Safety is not Administration…

It’s down to each of us!

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We all value our safety and we would never dream of driving down the motorway at 70mph without wearing our seatbelts…Or I hope not!
We would never tamper with electric cables where we had no understanding!
We always take care when crossing busy roads!

My point? There are occasions within the workplace where we can sometimes look at H&S issues with a degree of cynicism…Yet why?
The simple facts relate to The Health & Safety at Work Act 1974.

  • Adequate training of staff to ensure health and safety procedures are understood and adhered to
  • Adequate welfare provisions for staff at work
  • A safe working environment that is properly maintained and where operations within it are conducted safely
  • Suitable provision of relevant information, instruction and supervision

Clearly, employers are valuing their greatest asset…Their people. Making sure that they work in a fitting environment and with adequate safety provision.

Sadly, some employees don’t always recognise the reason for the policy…To make the workplace a better and safer environment to work in! Many of us go to gyms and/or exercise regularly…We need to think of the workplace in the same way…Keeping it tidy and making it a great place to work.

Employees should feel proud of their workplace and recognise how a tidy environment creates a better mindset.

We live our lives on our perception of reality…Our conscious mind storing our perceptions in our subconscious…If the workplace does not create the right mental environment we will not perform to our potential.

We all have responsibilities, not just employers. We all must `recognise the importance of Health & Safety but recognise that it’s a two-way street…One that we all need to walk!

“We all share the benefits of a healthy and safe workplace”