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Running a Marathon… how 26.2 miles reflects the best in how to prepare both mind and spirit!

What the mind believes, the body will deliver!

To succeed in life, we all need challenges. This applies to many things that we do in life. In our personal lives.. perhaps to buy a first home. In our work routines.. to hit a project deadline. Sometimes it’s an item in our ‘bucket lists.’ For many yesterday it was all about running the Virgin London Marathon!

For the elite, its racing for money, recognition and sometimes the selection for Championship events, for some it’s about raising money for charity, setting a ‘Personal Best’, or just getting around and receiving a finishers medal. One thing that all will have in common is a strong desire to achieve a personal ‘GOAL’ Its only by creating powerful ‘goals’, that we have the motivation to succeed.

A strong vision of what success will look like, something to focus on.. The long meetings in the office.. the long hours of training. Nothing is achieved without thorough planning, who can help and the milestones along the way? A carefully prepared training plan that provides the structure and is based on well thought out practices. Having the right diet, and choosing people that we know and respect to provide advice and guidance.. particularly important when the going gets tough. While preparation is key, unless we have total belief in our ‘goals’ much of the rest will be wasted. Standing on the start line, full of self-doubt, nearing the end of a project and lacking confidence in your outputs. To succeed at anything, requires belief- thorough preparation helps.

But it is the belief in yourself that overcomes all else, ignoring the doubters, smiling in the face of adversity. For everything that you do, prepare powerful ‘goals’ that you believe in. Take a mental picture of what your success will look like. Use the image when you need a boost. We are all capable of more than we believe is possible, but only when we start to believe in ourselves- each and every day.

What is your Everest, what is your ‘goal’? Never let limiting beliefs stop you. Powerful ‘goals’ will help to make your dreams come true.

‘It always seems impossible, until it’s done’- Nelson Mandela