Mind over matter!

It’s all about your attitude and mind set!

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With Wimbledon now behind us, thoughts turn to some of the epic performances. Human versus Human. Very often at the level that these players play at, the difference can come down the slightest of marginal gains. One mistake, an error of judgement, a wrong choice of shot…Or very often a moment of brilliance.

One of the matches that surely stands out relates to Nadal versus Muller. After four closely contested sets, it was all down to the deciding fifth set. Without tie breaks, the final set lasted some 135 minutes! Muller finally winning 15-13.

The mind can play mysterious games. Playing on our uncertainties…Our frailties.

The mind is so powerful that it creates whatever emotions that our own thinking allows. Let’s look at two examples.

  • First, a nervous patient due to visit the dentist the following day. Their own thought process would create the same feelings and emotions, even though they were not yet in the dentist’s chair! Nerves and anxiety.
  • An excited teenager due on a date the following night. Again, their own thought process would create butterflies…Excitement, and yet the date is the following evening!

It means that our own feelings and emotions are dictated by our own thought process. A self-fulfilling prophecy!

We can’t change the past…But we can dictate the future. Annoyance with a rash return shot would be wasted emotion. Picturing a successful winning volley would be far more beneficial!

What would the emotions be for Nadal and Muller as they prepared for the final epic set? Tired bodies…But what state the mind…The expression “They just wanted it more” comes to mind!

Absolute focus would be needed, blocking out any irrelevant or negative thinking. Perhaps a pre-prepared mantra or mental routine. Recognising and drawing from previous situations, and understanding that you will and can come through.

While we don’t have the resources at our disposal of professional sportsmen, there are many self-help books available. Guides to improving your thinking and resilience. Improving your self-talk and developing a strong mental attitude! Belief in yourself. Recognising that you are there for a reason. You have earned the opportunity.

At Solution Focused we specialise in behavioural change and helping to develop “Peak Performance”.


“If you don’t see yourself as a winner, then you cannot perform as a winner”