Doubt to Do

Part Fifteen… Fulfilling an ambition.
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Those of you who have been reading our Weekly Focus or the accompanying podcast, will know that this is the story of a personal journey in getting myself fit enough to ride two hundred miles over the weekend of 7th/8th July .

To truly achieve on an ambition, perhaps a dream, is never simple. If it were, everyone in life would be achieving everything! To achieve anything in life, be it in our business, sporting life, or life in general, requires commitment and a degree of effort and hard work…You could say the same about marriage!!

Often when I coach athletes, as I see them grimacing in pain at the end of a track session, I remind them of the words…”Pain is temporary…But the achievement will be worth it”.

I once had the pleasure of being involved in part running a three day workshop with Gary Kirsten, the then South African cricket captain. At one of the breaks, he chatted to me about a memory. As a child he slept in his bedroom with the South African flag on one wall, while on the others, pictures of his childhood heroes.

Gary was a great believer in the power of positive self-talk. Fast-forward many years to his long and distinguished test playing cricket career. On one occasion, South Africa looked on the way to defeat as he strode to the wicket with still over a day to bat and to save the match. His mind flashed back and his dreams of being immortal. That’s exactly what he made up his mind to do…He created a mind-set that no one could crack…He would save this match…And that’s exactly what he did! In doing so, he also created a place in the record books for himself!

What a shame if we always give up at the first hurdle…The first difficulty, the first moment of pain. If anything is worth achieving, sacrifices and hard work is required. Without that, the ambition that you fulfil and memories that you create will only ever be dreams.

Make ambition your reason for being…Smile at adversity…Believe in yourself…Jump the hurdles on your journey…It will be worth it!

A dream without ambition is like a car without gas…
you’re not going anywhere.

Sean Hampton