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Standing out from the crowd…or a shrinking violet?


The two expressions are often used.  Do you stand out from the crowd, or are you a shrinking violet? And does it matter?

A previous edition of our “Weekly Focus” discussed three behaviours: “Aggressive/Assertive/Passive! While none of us want to mix with “Aggressive” people, it is “Assertive” people with whom we enjoy mixing. Comfortable with themselves and confident socially. Imagine being surrounded with a team of “Passive” people, nothing would ever happen!

To follow this thread, we would say the same for “Shrinking violets”!

So, what are the quickest ways to stand out?

  1. Have an attitude that shines! Try to be positive, and upbeat in all of that you do. Not only will this influence others, but it will on you too!
  2. Engage with people. A warm handshake & friendly smile! Good eye contact…But not too much. Don’t stare!
  3. Show an interest in people and ask questions. Always remember though to listen carefully. Hearing is different to listening! Practice being a good listener!
  4. Use Emotional Intelligence and consider peoples moods/feelings & emotions. Be considerate.
  5. Consider your own “Body Language”. What signals are you giving? What signals do you want to give! Walk with purpose.
  6. Contribute to discussions, and don’t be afraid of being “Open & Honest”. People will respect your views.

Although all the above are important, so too is authenticity…What do you stand for, and what do you represent! How will people remember you?

Most importantly, always give of your best…And never accept second best.

Read this…stand up and walk to the coffee machine with confidence…Compliment someone for something and feel good about yourself!