Solution Focused change Management

Developing your resilience! 


In our last Weekly Focus, we wrote about “Confidence”, one of our readers then mentioned “Resilience”.-the two are very closely linked!

Resilience is what gives you the mental strength to cope with difficult situations, the inner strength that we need to call on in times of need. It is commonly accepted that resilient individuals are better equipped to handle the challenges that we all face in life on occasions.

Certain skills and strengths are key to creating a resilient mind-set.

  • Don’t put things off! Often adverse situations don’t come as a surprise- purely the delaying of actions already in your mind-set.
  • Start now, to develop a strong mind-set. Positive thoughts, self visualisation, personal goals…the use of affirmations. When you are faced with tough situations, use the techniques that you already have- You are a WINNER!
  • Having a sense of control in your own life, having your own mechanisms for creating a structure to your work.
  • Good problem-solving skills…pause…consider…(Take advice?)   Mentally Plan…Physically Action…Review
  • Use of your own network- very few situations are unique. We will all know people in our own networks who have faced similar adversity/challenges…Ask them!
  • Embrace change and the exciting possibilities that change can bring…The opportunity!
  • Break down the situation into bite sized chunks. What needs to happen and by when?
  • Always remember that what seemed a crisis now, is forgotten in six months. Our own mind exaggerates the immenseness of any challenging situation.
  • Once any challenging situation has passed, reflect on how you coped. The successful actions that you took…Store them in your mental toolkit. You survived!!
  • In times of challenge, never take things personally…Embrace the challenge. Survivors accept that things can “Go- wrong”. They learn and move on.
At different times in our lives, we will all face challenges. The key is how you mentally and physically handle these. Nothing in life always goes totally as planned- being honest with both yourself and with others is key.

Challenges throw opportunities at us -the chance to create better working methods…A chance to discover a more resilient self. Some of our own tool kit is generated through personal experience. You can prepare to become a more resilient person, but you will also benefit from the experience.
Resilient people don’t bury their heads in the sand…Be prepared…Become resilient and embrace each new challenge…Or opportunity!

“No matter how much falls on us, we keep ploughing ahead. That’s the only way to keep the roads clear.”  Greg Kincaid