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Spring into action.
Why not challenge yourself!
Too often, we wait for landmark events, The New Year, a significant birthday or event before deciding on trying something new. What a shame…We are all blessed with all manner of talents and skills, but too often we never think to challenge ourselves and even more likely, with choose a few words along the lines of, “I could never do that”!.

So what does stop us? And why not spring into action? The days are getting longer, the nights lighter and perhaps the sun might even shine for us!
First of all, any challenge is personal to you…For someone that does not run, the first few steps outside the door is an achievement…For others it might be moving from a 5k parkrun to running a 10k. The key is that it is something that is personal to you and that you want to achieve. Surprisingly, the first step can be the hardest.

When we set personal goals for ourselves, we create the motivation and determination to set out on any particular journey! By taking baby steps on some small goals, we start to build our self-esteem to take on bigger challenges. Through setting small challenges each day, we can measure our progress and make each day more worthwhile.

With the added successes of each day, we then remind ourselves of other ambitions that we harbour and of why we should tackle them. Every day gives us opportunities to excel.  We just need to remind ourselves to accept each new challenge.

As we approach Spring, set yourself three new challenges…One work related, one related to your personal life and one related to your fitness levels ( don’t worry about where you start…The first step will be progress).

Set some goals around each one…Keep it simple initially. Picture the future success. Don’t be put off by others. Start to recognise what you can do…Be proud of who you are. Smile in the mirror and spring into action…AND…

Why not email US your three challenges and we will help you all the way…And that’s a promise!   

There is no passion to be found playing small –
in settling for a life that is less than the one you are capable of living.
– Nelson Mandela