Doubt to Do
Part Seven… Away from and towards Motivation
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If you are a regular reader of our Weekly Focus (twice weekly until mid-July), you will now understand that the focus is very much a story around my personal journey riding an organised charity bike ride of 200 miles on the 7th/8th July.

Being perfectly honest, there are times when I don’t always want to get out on my bike. My personal background was as a runner. To get to the fitness levels that I need to and in such a short space of time, means many hours in the saddle…With these warm days, and cool early evening beer as opposed to another ride is tempting!

We have two forms of motivation…Towards and way from.
They can both have their applications, but it’s the towards motivation that is most important to me…Pulling me effortlessly towards my goal!

We recognise “Towards” Motivation by some of the following words…Achieve/Succeed/Accomplish/Goal reached

All powerful words that are part of Goal Accomplishment…Following on from the Thursday Focus, these are words that help to signify success! Very positive!

“Away From” Motivation might include the following words…
Avoid/Exclude/Don’t like…/Steer Clear of/Prevent

When we create powerful Goals for ourselves, they give us a sense of purpose and direction.
Away from Goals may work on occasions but don’t take us somewhere powerful. The inference…I must complete this bike ride because it will prevent any embarrassment. I don’t like the thought of telling my sponsors that I failed.

The difference…. Towards Motivation takes us in a clear direction…away from has no direction, purely a reason to achieve because the pain of not doing so is greater than the effort involved in achieving the Goal!

“The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing.” Walt Disney