And why they are so important!

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We take teams for granted sometimes. For many of us, it’s what we become accustomed to in much of our day to day working environments.

Something happened to me recently, which brought home the importance of teams. Each year I do a “double hundred mile” bike ride for Charity, over the course of the weekend. One hundred cyclists covering one hundred miles on the Saturday and then again on the Sunday.

It’s a stretch but the organising team have a far bigger hurdle to overcome in terms of the organisational logistics. Without the backup of the support team, the event itself would have been impossible. Ultimately one big team pulling together.

A week after the cycle, I had planned to go out again on my bike. I found it a challenge in getting on my bike…Where was my team to support and encourage me? The arm on the shoulder, the few words of encouragement? Something to make me rush out…As part of a TEAM!

Research took place some years ago about gangs in Glasgow. When unemployment rose, so too did the amount of street gangs. The reason being that even when the job(s) that they had previously held may not have been their preferred role, the mere presence of being part of a team created an identity. Here we are almost touching on Maslow’s hierarchy of needs!

Teams are vital, and are the collective that can make a difference in all that we try to achieve! Always remember the following four points:

  • Develop the working relationships in your team. Take an interest in everyone. You may uncover unknown talents!
  • Recognise the multitude of diverse talent in your team, and play to everyone’s strengths!
  • Always be there to offer help and support. Be a Team Player…You never know when you might need it back!
  • Everyone’s job is significant. Its only by combining the sum of the parts that you will achieve both the purpose and equally the end goal!

Look around you and be appreciative that you are a player in a team. Take nothing for granted, and always think of ways to improve…With the involvement of your team!

“Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.”
Helen Keller