Teams are Teams…Business and Sport United!

Welcome to The Ryder Cup! Listen here

By the time that you read or listen to this edition of our Weekly Focus, the outcome will be known…The heartache and drama played out.
The world of sport can offer so many examples of teams and the dynamics that are brought together through a collection of individuals. The expression “greater than the sum of the parts” is often used. And yet if you listen to the experts they will tell you that The Ryder Cup is the one that amplifies “team spirit” more than any!

It brings together two teams…Europeans and Americans…In an increasingly polarised world, what an opportunity to bring the world in totality and Europe in particular together. The players on each side would ordinarily compete against each other, but here come they come together very quickly…How strong is your team culture?

The captains pick the teams for the event based on ability, current form and their belief on which of the possible selections would most quickly bond into the team environment…Similarly what attributes they bring to the team…How do you select your teams?

In some parts of the competition, players are put into pairings…How can these choices be made? What dynamics of personality should be considered? How will players perform together in a tinder box environment and where the atmosphere is simply electric…How well do you know your teams?

For the rookies, the occasion can be a daunting experience. The time earned knowledge of other members of the team can really help here…Do you have a mentoring programme?

There will be times during the three days of the tournament when doubt may come into players’ minds and some guidance and words of wisdom will be required…How good is your coaching programme?

When it all comes together, players, captains, spectators and as one are all delighted…The rewards for all of their combined efforts…Celebrating success as one…Do you share and celebrate success together?
Sport and business. So very similar!

“Don’t be afraid to give up the good to go for the great.”
John D. Rockefeller