An obsession…

and that damages our personal relationships

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Our quest for information, a need to see what everyone is doing. Wanting to share our own experiences.  To use the old expression…”Keeping up with The Jones’s”!

Everywhere you go, walking on the pavements, around dinner tables, the obsession with mobile phones continues.
While undoubtedly modern phones have fantastic uses, they also create bad habits in terms of the correct use of the written word, but more worryingly, stifle proper communication and the development of interpersonal skills.

I have seen people typing lengthy messages when a phone call would have been far better…A two-way process. No misunderstandings but better still tone of voice and expression being added to the conversation.

In many respects an overuse of email is similar. Often people in business and sharing the same office space, will choose to use email as opposed to walk just a few yards…Or perhaps if on different floors, pick up the phone!

High mobile phone usage is now shown to have strong links to poor sleep patterns in addition to longer term eye problems…This is completely separate from the anti-social aspects!

Turning to email usage…While at first it may seem a quick fix, its very often quicker to have a conversation! Email also reduces relationship building…Rather like social media and our phones…We don’t create proper relationships!

With both electronic usages, misunderstandings can occur, at best leading to extended exchange of information, at worst rework and damage to short term results.

Finally, one question…Would you say face to face what you might perhaps put in an email or on social media…Probably not!
While social media and mobile phones, likewise email contact have significant benefit when used correctly, don’t become a slave! Face to face or phone should always be the preferred choice!

“Technological progress has merely provided us with more efficient means for going backwards”. Aldous Huxley