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Taking Personal Responsibility
I own the problem!

Two recent incidents have highlighted the phrase “Taking Personal Responsibility” …For both it has been after the event and to create “damage limitation”.
The two incidents being the Australian Cricket ball tampering row and the other Nick Hardwick, falling on his sword following the recent Parole Board news story.

Both of these are post event, but what is the meaning in day to day life? How does it work when organisations try to provide an empowered environment?

For each of us to succeed in life, we need to take personal responsibility. Virtually all successful people commit to taking personal responsibility for their lives, careers and success.  This links to hard work and self-confidence…These two attributes are an important part of committing to personal responsibility.  Similarly, the acceptance that nothing happens by chance. We get out what we put in!

In a similar way, we must also take personal responsibility for our failures. We cannot place blame on anyone else when we fail and we must make the effort to not fail in the same way again. Then we learn and move on.

So, what about the Leaders? Delegate, empower…. Until it goes wrong? If you look at the traits of any Great Leader, you will find “Taking personal responsibility” in any list.   A leader is responsible for both the successes and failures of his or her team. Therefore, you need to be willing to accept blame when something does not go correctly.

If your employees see their leader pointing fingers and blaming others, they will lose respect for you. Leaders accept mistakes and failures and then devise clear solutions for improvement.

For any organisation to thrive, an element of risk must be taken…But always in proportion to the potential success. Almost a decision making based on potential “Return on Investment”.

In summary…Both individuals and Leaders must take personal responsibility if they are to succeed in life. Take responsibility for your future and take personal responsibility to make it happen!

“I’m a big believer in personal responsibility. My life wasn’t always peaches and roses. Where I am today is through a belief in hard work and never saying no”.
Steve Wilkos