Recognising the workplace characters

And what do you need to develop?

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Just as in all walk of life, the workplace has a variety of characters but with certain personality traits that will each have an impact upon the work environment.

Naturally there will always be times when each of us have off days, but it’s when characteristics become the norm rather than the exception that we can define the traits…Good and bad! We have outlined four below…See if you recognise them!

The people that you really want in your team are those with a high work ethic…They go the extra mile, ready to help others and always act as Brand Ambassadors. Clearly those that you want in any team! BUT…Were they born with this work ethic or has good leadership developed this mindset?

Resting (literally) behind this behaviour trait are those that come to work with the right values and in the main are good team members…Yet, lack the drive and determination to really kick on to become the most highly valued of team members. They won’t let you down normally but need pushing a little. BUT…What has caused this. What a shame if with the right leadership, they could not be developed to step up to the plate more.

The people mentioned so far are good to have in your team…great if you could find out how to add some “fire and go” into the latter example. Sadly, there are then others!

We then move onto those with low drive and very limited interest. While in some respects this is not the most worrying of behaviour types, it does mean that they can spread negative thoughts into others and create a flat atmosphere. AND SO…What actions are necessary and how can you start to understand why this becomes their default behaviour?

The biggest danger is those that are full of energy but don’t have the company interests at heart. This is a major concern…If they don’t have the company interests at heart, yet have high energy, where will this be channeled and to what effect of others…Might they infiltrate some of the above? AND SO…What actions do you need to take to harness the high energy BUT with the right work ethics!?

Leadership is very much about knowing your people and understanding how best to develop the right mindset in all. To help each individual, the team, and of course…The Business.

“To build a culture of engagement it is important to incorporate training on intrinsic motivation and employee engagement into management development programs.”
Kenneth Thomas