Creating our own opportunities

Don’t be afraid of self-promotion!
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While we will all have our own network of supporters…People that we can turn to for help, for advice that is freely given, or a favour here and there…We have to create our own opportunities. Ultimately, if you want to advance in any area of your life, the buck rests with YOU!!

The simple steps below, hold good across all disciplines.
Become a positive thinker…An optimist! The two terms are very similar and yet subtly different! The former may take a subtle shift of mind to create an outlook on life that you create yourself…A set of skills that create the positive thinking state of mind…Your conditioning (where you have inherited your thoughts from), and your self talk…The way that you view yourself. An optimist always sees the better side to things as opposed to the reverse. Positive thinking can allow you to see opportunities that are not apparent to others.

Grow your network…The more people that you can turn to either in your business network or socially, the more opportunities will naturally be created! They say that each of us are just seven connections from The Royal Family…The more connections that we have, the easier this becomes! Similarly, the Business networking site LinkedIn can help with this. People always like to help. Never be afraid to ask.

Grasp the moment…Opportunities are everywhere. The difference being that some people seize the moment, while others procrastinate. In life, not everything is perfect, grasp every opportunity. Show willing and make a difference!

Be noticed…Offer yourself for tasks and challenges, and whatever you do, do it well and with passion…Make a difference and be the person that people turn to…Over time this will be recognised and more opportunities will come your way.

“Opportunity does not knock, it presents itself
when you beat down the door”.

Kyle Chandler