Self Development

It starts with you!!

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While there is rightly an expectation within business, that organisations will help to develop their people, ultimately it then rests with the individual.

We have never been more blessed with a mass of self-help books, on line learning and free to download information.
Consider the following points to keep developing yourself.

  1. Allow yourself a couple of hours on your own and consider carefully where you are in your current role and then where you want to get to. What skills do you have and which would you like to develop?
  2. Some of your self-development may be role specific or perhaps developing new skills which will help you to grow into more senior roles…Others may be soft skills and more personal to you…Presentation Skills, mastering certain PC skills…Excel etc.
  3. Be realistic and prioritise the areas that really resonate with you (you will be more likely to have the determination to succeed), or that you believe will help you in your current role and/or future role(s
  4. Where can you access the resources that you need? Consider also speaking with some of your colleagues for two reasons;
    1. Some may have similar development areas and tackling together will be far easier!
    2. Some may have the skills that you are striving for and can act as a mentor to support and guide you as necessary
  5. Create a project plan and be realistic. How much time do you have? Don’t create unrealistic timelines.
  6. Measure your progress on your journey and set mini milestones on the way. Celebrate all of your small achievements. Collectively, they will become your future success!
  7. Where applicable involve your line manager. They should be able to provide additional support
  8. Picture the end result! The benefit to you and hold that image…What the mind can see, the mind can achieve!
  9. Every journey starts with a small step.  Don’t procrastinate. Seize the moment and start the journey
  10. Ultimately YOU have to make the difference!

“The only person you are destined to become is the person
you decide to be
.” Ralph Waldo Emerson