Always look on the bright side.

The past has gone…Time to engage with the now! 
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For many this week, it’s time for change! Schools return…Holidays are over…August is through and people in business are back at their work place.
For many it’s the time for heavy hearts. The reality that summer is coming to an end. What a shame that we drag ourselves down through our own internal thinking!

We choose our own behaviours, which in turn creates our attitudes. In essence we decide which mood we want to have…We create our feelings and emotions. The double whammy is that we can influence others simply through our own moods.

Education and school can be some of the greatest days of our lives. If only we can recognise the fact and embrace each day…No different to Leaders in business, a big part will depend on the teachers…Engaging with the children, showing what life has to offer.

Within the workplace…Each of us has a part to play. We can all make a difference and make work a great place to be. Great Leaders merely set the scene and create certain boundaries…Allowing us to create the tapestry.

Players in teams, recognise that they have a role yet “together is stronger”. Creating opportunities and sharing ideas with others…Celebrating success together.  Research has shown that when unemployment levels are high that street gangs increase in number. The inference being that we all want to belong…To feel needed and to be a part of something.

And so August becomes September. The season starts to change and we dwell on the wonderful summer months…Don’t look back. Smile and rejoice in the memories. Smile and recognise that you create your own futures. Grasp all opportunities, come together in your teams, make exciting decisions, and make the coming months both exciting and memorable…It’s your choice.

The new months do not conspire against us…Only the behaviours and attitudes that we decide to adopt…In turn spoiling our own potential, and failing to develop a great team ethos.

Celebrate each day. Smile with others. Be proud of your workplace and make a difference each day.

“Yesterday’s the past, tomorrow’s the future, but today is a gift.
That’s why it’s called the present”.
Bil Keane