A Healthy working environment

Consider the benefits. Listen here.

The dictionary definition of healthy is “in a good physical or mental condition; in good health”.
Examining the definition allows for a variety of meanings and with each one providing benefits to both the employee and to the business.

Looking first at the mental condition, several things spring to mind. The layout of the work environment will influence how people feel. At one extreme cluttered, untidy and with limited space through to clean, tidy and well-designed space for people to feel relaxed and comfortable. Break out areas should be available -the chance to talk with fellow colleagues.

Mental can also refer to how we feel about ourselves and others when at work. The culture needs to be one of collaboration and where people feel that they can express an opinion…The senior team need to be open and honest with communication channels both up and down. A strong support system needs to be in place.

The more enlightened employers are now recognising that a degree of physical fitness helps both short term and long term. Many employers now offer shower facilities (the law now states that new office builds require these facilities based on headcount) which allows for people to exercise at lunch time or before the start of the day.

Why not consider a lunch time walk or run club! By getting away from the workplace and getting some fresh air even if just for twenty minutes allows people to benefit from a proper break and enhanced moods as endorphins are released!

Many employers also offer the Government cycle to work scheme. Fresh air and improved levels of fitness create benefits both mental and physical. Employees will be more effective, feel better about themselves and with reduced levels of absenteeism.

Healthy also relates to diet. When you consider all the above, what a shame if some simple steps were not put in place to offer better refreshments. This can be done in several ways. Vending machines should offer healthy snack options and with reduced amounts of sugar drinks…There are far better options!
Fresh fruit should be offered. Some employers even offer this as standard.

Healthy mind and healthy body…Increased productivity, better decision making and reduced absenteeism / staff turnover. When you consider it, it’s something that needs to be one of every employers’ main priorities.

“To keep the body in good health is a duty… otherwise we shall not be able to keep our mind strong and clear”.