Doubt to Do

Part Nine… Attitude is everything.
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Those of you who have been reading our Weekly Focus or listening to the accompanying podcast, will know that this is the story of a personal journey in getting myself fit enough to ride two hundred miles over the weekend of 7th/8th July.

Quite simply, it’s the beliefs that we hold that drives our natural behaviour.  In the first instance, our beliefs are generated from our “Conditioning”. Our conditioning can be created in our formative years, from our parents, from teachers…Or from things that we see or hear. We live our lives from our perception of reality.

People sometimes use the expression “He or she were just born lucky”. No one is born lucky! It’s what we do that creates the luck.

Studies have shown that human beings have an unending potential for growth and development. One of the problems that can prevent this is “Fear of Failure”…our beliefs, our attitudes…Hence the need to change our inner dialogue…We have discussed this previously with the need for “Positive Self Talk” and “Affirmations”.

Research has also shown that there is no correlation between aptitude and success…Or you could exchange aptitude for physical fitness, given the challenge of a 200 mile bike ride.

Many people make decisions about their actions based on a random event in the past and not the potential for what might happen in the future.  Again our own thoughts effecting our beliefs.

If we want to change our behaviour and ultimately performance in the long term, we have to change the way that we think about ourselves.
As you read this, or listen to the accompanying podcast, think back to the previous weeks and remember how to change your internal dialogue (Self Talk). Similarly, how the creation of Affirmations and when repeated twice daily, can create new and improved behaviour within 28 days.

Start to visualise your own future success…How it will feel, what it will look like.
Finally, I grant you that sometimes in life, a little bit of luck will help, but ultimately, attitude will always be the biggest factor in your success.

“You have to believe. Otherwise, it will never happen.”
Neil Gaiman