Is Learning & Development an employee perk?

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First of all let’s look at the definitions!
The CIPD say…A learning and development strategy outlines how an organisation develops its workforce’s capabilities, skills and competencies to remain successful. It’s an important part of an organisation’s overall business strategy and its policies”.

Naturally some of these skills are transferrable into other walks of life (including personal) and will apply across a wide range of organisation.  Training should always be bespoke but the core skills of leadership will in the main be standard.

The human brain responds to a range of stimuli and one includes new challenges…Where people feel mentally challenged through the learning of new skills you will always achieve new and improved performance. The reverse also applies…Stagnation leads to labour turnover.

The dictionary definition of perk is…
“An advantage or something extra, such as money or goods that you are given because of your job”.
Personally I challenge the title of this week’s focus. Naturally it’s an advantage but one that will benefit the organisation hugely.

One area of concern for many employers is labour turnover and staff absenteeism. I don’t need to do the maths, you will doubtless be aware of the costs associated with both. Now compare that with the increased skills and mind-set that can be developed by a well delivered training programme.  The benefits impact on productivity…service levels…customer satisfaction….employee engagement and the bottom line.

Continual Learning and Development is essential for both organisations and individuals to grow…Similarly the relationships of the individuals within their teams.

Organisations need to review their training requirements to map to both current and future needs, similarly in terms of succession plans. Likewise to show their people that they truly care about them and recognise that they truly are the greatest asset.

Not a perk…An essential. But a huge benefit to all concerned.
When did you last evaluate all of your short and long term training requirements?

It’s all to do with the training: you can do a lot if you’re properly trained.
Queen Elizabeth 2nd