It’s Fireworks time!

Are you setting your business alight?

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Explosions, a huge expanse of colour…The sky alight and sparkles everywhere! For a short window we are all captivated! But are you a bright spark in your business all of the time?

Strangely enough, to be a great employee all of the time is very much down to doing some key things well and more importantly, all of the time!
Naturally, there are some basic requirements that always have to happen but the key is wanting to make a difference, yet the crazy thing is this will be more personally rewarding and will benefit both you and the business.

  1. Be a team player and recognise and congratulate your colleagues on their achievements…This makes you a player in the team, not someone watching from the side lines!
  2. Don’t become distracted by office gossip. Rise above it and don’t become involved. It can become debilitating and productivity and morale will suffer
  3. All organisations will have a degree of staff turnover and when the business is growing, additional staff will also be recruited. Tuckman’s model explains how teams evolve and the importance of a new team coming together and developing. We have all been new to any team ourselves, so look for ways that you can help new recruits…They won’t forget you!
  4. Similar to earlier points, always be a positive influence, and find creative solutions to problems
  5. Don’t look for excuses…Own the issue and make a difference.
  6. Do things without being asked. There will be plenty of small things that will make a difference. Making an impact can be as simple as seeing what needs to get done and taking the initiative to make sure it happens
  7. Make a contribution to meetings and offer your own thoughts and advice. Remember to listen. It’s a skill in its own right
  8. Smile…It’s infectious!

A positive team will always achieve more…Make sure that you contribute towards this success. To demonstrate this, check out online the “Pikes Place Fish Market” in Seattle. The happiest work force that you could imagine, in very cold and smelly conditions!

YOU make the difference!

“The purpose of life is to contribute in some way to making things better.”
― Robert F. Kennedy