The importance of creating a plan…
To get to where you want to!

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With the busy world that we all live in, we seldom find time for ourselves. Some quiet downtime which allows for the chance to self-reflect, to assess where we are in our lives  (both personal & business) and to consider what is important to us ( and this can change with time).

The setting of Goals and the use of SMART objectives is clearly important. A Goal being something that we want to achieve; Ideally after the self-reflection, something that is important to us and that provides a clear focus and vision. The SMART objectives giving accountability to ensure that we have clear measures of what constitutes Success!

The question then is “Where does planning fit in”? Goal planning is the “HOW” to achieve your goal. The creation of a plan. When not done, it’s also often the reason why people fail to achieve their goals…They stop at goal setting.

Consider the five reasons below for next time you create Goals, in recognising the importance of a plan!

  1. It increases your efficiency (don’t we all need that), in terms of what needs to happen, what is not important and linked to timescales…Do what are the important parts!
  2. Having a robust plan allows you to link and co-ordinate your actions, ensuring that they all fit within your plan
  3. A plan provides clarity of direction, rather like a road map. Sticking to the right way from getting from A to B…No one way streets or U turns!
  4. With Goals set, the plan sustains the motivation to strive towards the end result
  5. The plan helps with decision making…A robust guide to keep you focused with a clear road map, meaning that decisions are based on the clear direction that you have decided upon.

Create powerful Goals and alongside set meaningful plans…And once the Goals are achieved, celebrate your success and create new Goals!

“Plan your work, and work your plan”
Napoleon Hill