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Election Fever…But my vote must be earned!

How the service you offer will be the determining factor in customer loyalty… There is a well-known saying “To vote with your feet.”

Loyalty should be earned and then usually based on a personal experience, for example, the service that you receive at any moment in time. One very topical example would be choosing to use British Airways after the recent computer malfunction- faced with a similar problem some years ago, I ceased using an airline…A decision based on my own personal experience.

Politicians are all asking for our vote. In marginal constituencies, the outcomes could be the difference between winning a local seat, or helping a party to form a Government. Each day, our letter boxes are being hit with targeted mailshots from each of the local party candidates.

No matter what you do in life…Working in retail and offering a service…Being a standing MP and asking for your vote, the customer will decide how to reward you…A returning customer within retail or a tick on a voting card for the politician.

In 2015, I received correspondence from one of the candidates standing in my constituency – a mainstream party. I had a question and emailed the person on three separate occasions- I never received a reply. I then decided to email the actual MP for the constituency, I got a  reply received within 24 hours!

Politicians are no different to anyone else…
They must deserve my vote…My vote must be earned.
The “values” that people hold, the “trust” that you share, these are two other strong indicators that will shape the decisions that you make on a personal level about people in life.

No matter what you do…Do it well…Do it with pride…Do it so that you are remembered for all the right reasons. Make quality of service “your silent salesperson!”

Customers pay our wages, so also do members of the public when we vote for MP’s. Always behave in a way that will drive customer loyalty- always deliver in a way that will grow customer advocacy.

Make sure that when others vote with their feet…It is for the right reasons…As a returning customer, or to show support with a tick in the appropriate ballot box!

Loyalty to the Nation all the time, loyalty to the Government when it deserves it” MARK TWAIN