Traits of a great Leader
Core traits that are personalised?

If we were to ask this question of several people, we would likely get many different answers! The answer may also be different if we consider how they get to become leaders in the first place? Displaying talents and growing into a role or thrust upon them?

Our very own monarch, Queen Elizabeth for example. Few would doubt the marvellous reign that she continues to hold with both dignity and humility.

We could look to Winston Churchill- total belief in his own convictions, Sir Richard Branson, a trailblazing visionary.
Here are five traits that we believe important.

  • Ambition. Wanting to make a difference. A desire to grow a business and deliver world class service…Never accepting second best, and always wanting to involve others.
  • Vision. A very Branson quality. Always looking ahead. Never standing still. Sharing the vision with others so that they want to be part of the journey
  • Humility. Statesman like akin to Mandela or Obama…Humility is not to be confused with humble. Humility is where people are totally at ease with themselves, recognising their strengths and similarly comfortable with areas that they may want to work on. Grounded and taking advice as necessary.
  • Courage. To do what is right. The courage to follow their own beliefs, when on occasion it may be easier not to. The courage to never give up.
  • Accountability. The buck stops here. Standing in the firing line, and not asking of others, what they would not do themselves. Taking personal responsibility.
In choosing these five, we would always stress that Leaders need to be authentic. People must trust them. People will see through those that are not genuine…Distrust in those that don’t take responsibility. People will always recognize the courage that you display. No one will ever forget the humility displayed. Neither will they forget the vision that you created or the ambition.
Show all the above traits, and you will be a leader!

“Keep your fears to yourself, but share your courage with others”