Help or Hindrance? Listen here

First of all, let’s look at the dictionary definition…
A reason or argument offered in disagreement, opposition, refusal, or disapproval. The act of objecting, opposing, or disputing: His or her ideas were open to serious objection. A ground or cause for objecting. A feeling of disapproval, dislike, or disagreement.

Reading this, it seems quite a strong and negative connotation. But does it have to be? Objections can happen for a variety of reasons and often this is because we have not explained something fully.  It may be that if we are offering a product or service, that we have rushed the process and not fully explained things. A salesman almost seeing the “Sale Sign” before the Customer has had the chance or the opportunity to make a proper consideration.

We recently spoke with one of our clients about what is called “The Timperley Scale”…In any relationship there are a number of phases that need to be carried out…This could take months or as short as minutes and even less! The pathway is as follows…

  • Acknowledge…In the first place!
  • Understand…What you are about/offering
  • Acceptance…Of this
  • Trust…In you
  • Respect…As a person
  • Bond…In a situation/relationship
Miss any of the steps or worse still go straight to “Bond” and you will most likely receive objections to what it is that you are offering. Consider when you are approached by someone in the street selling you something…None of the steps tend to be attempted.
So can you recover from objections? Of course…Better still to not receive them in the first place!
  1. Thank them and use it as the opportunity to explain something in a better way
  2. Be empathetic and use phrases like…
    1. “I am sorry that you feel that way”
    2. “I can understand that”
    3. “It must have been very difficult” etc. etc.
  3. Take your time to review where you are in the process before moving on
  4. Ask some open questions and try probing for some further information
  5. When the dust has settled and back on a  level playing field explain the situation and make an offer
  6. It may help to demonstrate the benefits that the product or service has had on others…Ultimately, it’s about the perceived value that the customer is going to receive.
Objections can happy in many situations…Follow these steps and achieve success!
“An objection is not a rejection;
it is simply a request for more information”

Bo Bennett