Doubt to Do

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Those that will have read our Weekly Focus of earlier this week will understand that over the next 7 weeks I have embarked on a challenge and twice weekly, will share my progress with you.

From a standing start, I will be riding an organised charity bike ride of 200 miles on the 7th/8th July.

Like all challenges, I had to give thought to this. Did I want to do this? Could I get fit enough in time? Almost the Achievable when setting SMART objectives.
Did I want to do this is equally important? If I am to create a “Can Do” mindset to the challenge, it’s equally important that I want to do this!

Often in business the organisation sets SMART objectives without even getting buy in from the people within the organisation.  Targets set by the business without buy in are in reality SMT! So, I need to ensure that my GOAL is achievable (with stretch) and relevant (to get my buy in).

Last weekend I dusted down my bicycle in the shed (beneath layers of junk), wriggled into some kit and went out for a 22 mile cycle. I followed that with 14 miles on the following day.  In essence, this was my reality check…Am I creating a GOAL that I can with real effort (stretch) achieve?

Sometimes in life, you never know future outcomes…But, with belief and conviction, you buy into something and then you give it your very best shot. Surely in life, we thrive on challenges in so many different ways? Both in our personal and business lives.

So, I am up and cycling…A start. What is going to be so important is how I mentally prepare. How I train my mind as well as body. Whatever we do, we have to believe and similarly, create a mindset that is equally important as any physical fitness.

Please join me next week when I will start to explain the techniques that I am now starting to use, to create mindset that will become an important part of my success.

Thanks Nick

Nick Bishop (Director)

“You can do anything if you have enthusiasm”. Henry Ford