Doubt to Do

Part Twelve… Painting an exciting vision of your future success!
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If you are a regular reader of our Weekly Focus (twice weekly until mid-July), you will now understand that the focus is very much a story around my personal journey riding an organised charity bike ride of 200 miles on the 7th/8th July.

Whenever we have a major challenge, for me right now it’s the bike ride, for any of us it could be work related or sometimes a more personal challenge, one way to help guarantee our success is by creating a powerful vision.

A vision is a ‘motivating view of your future success’. First, think about what you are trying to achieve. Consider what the future will look like…How it will feel…How it will make you feel!

A vision only works when you can picture it all the time…Always remembered and is in your thoughts for whenever you need to pull upon it. It is most powerful when you need to get through challenging times on route to your success.

The vision becomes rather like an affirmation that we have previously explained. The vision needs to be very powerful. You will perhaps have heard of the phrase… “If you can see it, you can achieve it”!

One of the most powerful effects of good visualization is that it programs the subconscious mind. Our subconscious is purely a filing cabinet where we hold our perceived beliefs and is drawn upon by our conscious mind when we are reacting to any situation and our new behaviours.

A very powerful image that we draw upon daily and on a regular basis, will be retained in our subconscious…In essence, a vision is a visual affirmation.
For me, it is initially picturing my future success. What the finish will look like…Who will be there…How I will feel, the thoughts and emotions…The delight that I will feel. I create a very powerful vision of my success…The more I think it, the more it takes me to that place, as if it was just a reality!

Visioning works because we are often think in pictures and are motivated by what we can see as our future success. It is also affected by our ability to recall pictures. By making it easy to remember very powerful emotions…What do you want to achieve and what will your success look like? Create the powerful image now!

“The starting point of all achievement is desire.” Napoleon Hill