Doubt to Do

Part Four…Self Talk Continued
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For those of you who are mentally joining me on my journey, you will know that I am cycling 200 miles over the weekend of 7th/8th July…Similarly, that only very recently having joined the group, I am some way behind in my training! So I am working on my mental approach!

We must remember that our beliefs drive our natural behaviour…Similarly have a think about the phrase…”They were just born with it”…The assumption being that hard work and the right attitude counted for nothing! Thomas Edison, one of the greatest inventors of the century, was thrown out of school! There is an 85% correlation between attitude and success!

Let’s keep this very simple…We have the conscious and subconscious mind. The former is constantly in touch with the outside world….Through our senses taking a picture of everything. Importantly, we interpret events in our own way…Our own perception of reality. These perceptions are then stored in our subconscious…Our picture of reality.

Every time we make decisions or think about things, our conscious mind interrogates our subconscious mind (how do I react in this situation??) and then feeds back the perceived appropriate behaviour. So we always behave according to our perceptions and not the truth.

Our self image results from the behaviours we adopt based on the information we store in our sub conscious. We have to change the way that we think about ourselves. Two very important factors are our “Self Talk” and the creation of “Affirmations”- they are both linked.

We can’t jump from current to improved behaviour/performance…We have to create lasting change. We have 70,000 thoughts per day…Our self talk build our self image (our beliefs), which in turn drives performance…And then refuelling our self talk.

I don’t always want to go out and train on my bike! BUT…It’s the affirmations that I have created which helps to drive my “Self Talk”, which is getting me on my bike.

Join me on Tuesday, to understand how to create affirmations and similarly the link to self talk.

“Whatever we believe, with feeling, becomes a self fulfilling prophecy”