Doubt to Do

Part Fourteen… Mantras- when you have to dig deep!
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If you are a regular reader of our Weekly Focus (twice weekly until mid-July), you will now understand that the focus is very much a story around my personal journey riding an organised charity bike ride of 200 miles on the 7th/8th July.

Over the course of the previous updates, we have both explored and explained how our mind starts out as an empty vessel and yet is the most powerful thing that we possess. All the thoughts that our mind contains have been put there by ourselves…Far too often, these are negative thoughts of what we can’t do and not powerful and positive thoughts that create exciting pictures of our potential.

We have explained how self- talk works, how to picture future success, how affirmations work…. And yet…. most of us have experienced being caught up in a negative pattern of thoughts. Far too often, these can have a huge impact on how we perform.


What happens when we most need to dig deep…For me it may be a steep hill after 90 miles of cycling…. For you, it could be when you are about to give a speech and with minutes to go, you panic! Or about to chair a challenging meeting!

This is when the use of what we call “mantras” can make a huge difference. By replacing these negative thoughts with a mantra, we not only break the negative flow, but we can also quickly reinforce a new flow that is both beneficial and positive.

It’s not necessary to investigate the old thoughts, simply replace them with a mantra.
I may create a Mantra…” I am fully prepared and nothing will stop me”.
For you it may be… “I know my material, and the audience will love me!”

It’s anything that ceases the flow of negativity and almost puts you into a new mental zone. Science has proved that when used correctly and ideally where you can also take a series of deep breaths, that sudden benefits are created to cancel the negative thoughts, allowing you to think more quickly and powerfully…And remember to use powerful words that inspire!!

“Success is a process, a quality of mind and way of being,
an outgoing affirmation of life”.